About e-presscenter.com

Bawden & Lareau Public Relations started setting up online newsrooms for clients in 2008.  Since that time, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from journalists and bloggers who find our pressrooms easy to navigate, fast loading and devoid of clutter.

In short, we don’t create a fancy pressroom that gets in the way of our clients’ messages.

Now we’re offering that same service to you at a very low price.  After paying a $500 set-up fee, B&LPR will maintain your online pressroom for a cost of $25 per month ($300/year, billed annually).

That service level pays for B&LPR to update your pressroom once a month with new content.  You provide the content* through a shared Dropbox folder by a pre-established due date.  B&LPR then updates your pressroom with 24 hours.

If you have upcoming news releases, that’s no problem.  Releases and related digital assets can be scheduled to go “live” at pre-appointed dates.

Need to update, revise or remove content?  No problem.  B&LPR can expedite changes to content in an e-pressroom for a slight fee of $15 per item.  Please note: Removing a press release with links to digital assets not otherwise found in published media galleries, etc. only constitutes one change of $15.

If you have any questions on how an e-presscenter.com online pressroom might help you in your media relations efforts or how long it will take to set one up, please use the contact form below and Mike Bawden will be in touch with you shortly.


* $25/month service level covers the cost of preparing and publishing one news release per month and up to ten links to coverage/clips.